Aug-2019: Members’ Business Briefing – A Woman’s Place is in the Boardroom

Event date: 22 - 23 August 2019

A woman’s place is in the boardroom…or is it?

Our August 2019 business briefing couldn’t have been more relevant in Women’s month! Hosted by Sterling member Discovery, expert panelists, members and guests engaged in conversations about pertinent issues surrounding women in business.

HR Director of British-American Tobacco, Candice Watson spoke of the gender pay gap and inequality. How do we change the narrative? She touched on how women are often left out of strategic initiatives and challenged us to think about experience, input and inherent skills.

Professor Nicola Kleyn, Dean of GIBS, addressed the need to build inclusive societies and how this translates in the workplace. She tackled certain cognitive biases and questioned why women are not lasting on Boards – is it due to education, organizational policy, company culture? Also up for discussion was the symbolism around gender, practices of exclusion and the need for male sponsors to invest in women with potential. Not to mention conversations about how we raise our children.

A positive conversation that challenged all of us in business to look at our own organisations, teams and practices in a new light!


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