Aug-2016 Briefing: Elliott Monama, Development Bank of SA

Event date: 18 August 2016

On the 18th of August, Elliott Monama from the Development Bank of Southern Africa (DBSA) was invited to appear as speaker for the monthly event, sponsored by HSBC. Mr. Monama, presenting the topic “Project Preparation: Lessons Learnt” gave insight into project formulation and project funding, drawing from his experience not only at DBSA but also from his days as a consultant previous to joining DBSA.

DBSA can now provide funding for projects not only in South Africa, but also in countries outside of southern Africa with a particular focus on East- and West African countries.

DBSA focusses on projects that fall within two streams: Energy/Transport/ICT/Water and Health/Education. DBSA focusses on priority projects within these fields and has an impressive reputation as a well-run state-owned organization that has been making profit for the past 3 years. Some key insights that came from Mr. Monama was the importance of strong feasibility of a project being the main decider when it comes to funding decisions. DBSA is a strong promoter of enterprising projects in priority sectors and has obtained grants from both the EU and the USA to assist in funding such projects. It certainly made clear how many positive initiatives and resources are available and gave confidence in the powers backing these projects across the African region.


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