Feb-2019: Members’ Business Briefing on the topic of factors likely to impact the global and South African economy

Event date: 13 February 2019

What a start we had to our first Members’ Business Briefing of the year, our cups literally ranneth over in a rain drenched Johannesburg! Event sponsor Investec however made sure the atmosphere was warm, and culminated in a lucky prize draw won by Jacklin Enterprises’ Ernesto Ciccone!

It was a day of announcements from the Chamber as we bid farewell to David Dawson, who has done a formidable job in building a strong foundation for the Chamber over the past 6 years. With David’s departure we usher in interim consultant Leon Ayo, and we look forward to the next phase.

Guest speaker David Graceyrespected commentator and Treasury Analyst at Investec, spoke on the topic: ‘Factors likely to impact the Global and South African Economy’. From the extensive amount of bad news we are bombarded with on a daily basis, David succinctly narrowed it down, highlighting both the positive and negative factors. Yes, Eskom remains our biggest threat. Global debt is a major worry, and South Africa’s debt is growing at a concerning rate. We are in an election year, and David said it best: “Economics is Politics, and Politics is Economics” – the sensible solutions are often politically unpalatable.

On the upside: South Africa is better off now than we were 18 months ago. Corruption is being addressed. David Lawrence from Investec in his welcoming note made the comment that “Change brings freshness, opportunities and a chance to re-look at things….The winds of change right now are exciting and one feels enthused about the future potential”. With that, we enter into 2019!


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