Feb-2016 Briefing: Andy Henderson, UK Trade Commissioner

Event date: 16 February 2016

Speaking to Chamber Members last night thanks to the sponsorship of BSi, Andy Henderson, outgoing UKTI Regional Trade Director, for Southern Africa and Board Member of the British Chamber gave a heartfelt and farewell talk. He regaled to Members tales of his time as a Diplomat and his work in South Africa over the last 5 years. From his posting in Algeria to his move to South Africa, and his previous appointments in Brazil and Saudi Arabia, Andy’s light hearted banter revolved around stories of his past experiences and the history of the Southern African British Chamber.

Andy thanked Chamber Members for their ongoing support, and asked Members to continue to keep working at growing their business in order to expand and elevate the youth that are in dire need of opportunities and employment. Despite the current economic climate, Andy expressed optimism in South Africa; the potential that has yet to be explored and the bright future ahead. In closing, with this being his last posting, Andy wished Chamber Members well, and to “Keep Calm, Carry on and Prosper”. Andy will be greatly missed, especially his vibrant ties.


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