Jul-2016 Briefing: Dame Judith Macgregor, High Commissioner to South Africa

Event date: 14 July 2016

In the wake of the recent activity surrounding the EU referendum, Dame Judith Macgregor spoke openly to members regarding Brexit and the way forward. Making reference of the presently shifting economic status, mention was made of Theresa May, new developments and the possible outcome of all these reforms. Despite it being still too early to speculate on what changes will be implemented, encouragement was offered with the assurance that the UK fundamentals and strong policies still remaining strong. As the new government is being formed, and innovative strategies are being put in place, it will still be business as usual as careful planning and reflection would be needed, it could be several years before all these changes will be completed. Britain is still very much involved in Africa and will continue to offer resources which will continue to increase as bilateral trade grows between South Africa and Britain. Regarding agreements and activities involving the EU, Dame Judith Macgregor highlighted her confidence that arrangements will be made to safeguard processes that would benefit all organisations involved. At present there is still no available timeline, or exact date on when Article 50 will be triggered, however while the British Government is finding its feet and address the challenges and adopting new responsibilities, the viewpoint is optimistic.


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