Jun-2016 Briefing: Roger Baxter, CEO of Chamber of Mines

Event date: 14 June 2016

Roger Baxter, the CEO of the Chamber of Mines in South Africa, sponsored by Weir Minerals, took members on a rollercoaster ride of his period in the mining industry, spanning almost a quarter of a century and covering the mine’s latest progress, difficulties and what is needed for the mining sector to realize its full potential. The mining industry matters greatly to South Africa and internationally, as energy is needed for development and could make up more than half the National Development Plan for South Africa.

Roger pointed out the metals and minerals produced make up the building blocks for smart technology which not only will contribute towards bettering the mining, but is also a necessary factor for development of buildings and infrastructure throughout South Africa. Many changes are being implemented to improve the sector, most importantly a legislative and regulatory framework to provide predictable stable and competitive policies in a monitored environment. Sharing information regarding a PGM task team and Mining Charter to stimulate long term demands, speeding up the implementation of these substructures are currently a work in progress and will however provide solutions to alleviate uncertainty and contribute towards sustaining steady growth. Roger stated his vision for a completely vibrant transformation of the mining industry, and with the assistance of government, he remains cautiously optimistic and hopeful of growth going forward.


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