Mar-2016 Briefing: Thebe Ikalafeng

Event date: 17 March 2016

Chamber Members were regaled by Thebe Ikalafeng, Founder and Chairman of the Brand Leadership Group, with his creative delivery and presentation on “Africa: the Good News. Peace, Prosperity and Unity.”

Going back to 1884, covering the continent’s roots and the world view on Africa, Thebe spoke about media coverage and Africa’s responsibility on changing the worldwide interpretation of this continent. Shifting perceptions to the vision of Africa for people outside Africa, Thebe made light of Africa being viewed as one big entity, made up of unsophisticated customs, with famine, poverty and war, despite the stark contrast in reality and bright future ahead. As Africans, Thebe emphasized we are not telling our story, our story is being told for us, and it is not being told in a positive light.

The Good News Thebe focused on was Africa’s attractiveness to outside investors, war is on the decrease and productivity and growth is on the rise. South Africa’s potentional to be a prosperous and competitive country in relation to overseas companies are ever expanding. Africa will need to embrace and integrate our culture and envelop outside the box thinking, to be inspired and not be embarrassed, by where we come from. Branding will need to be relevant to Africa as opposed to adopting Western ideologies and concepts, to collaborate and incorporate Africa into products and services. Africa will need to recognize our strengths and use these to our advantage as this will lead to empowerment and pride within our continent.


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