May-2016 Briefing: ‘Meet the Editors’ panel discussion

Event date: 19 May 2016

Sponsored by G4S, Members spent time with the editors of three different business publications, namely Tim Cohen: Business Day, Rob Rose: Financial Mail and Ron Derby: The Sunday Times – Business Times. Each editor took members through their journey into journalism, and what sparked their interest into this particular career, followed by their opinions on the present circumstances within South Africa focusing on the financial future and conditions of the news and media thus far.

Tim Cohen, Rob Rose and Ron Derby, with their vast experience in this line of business, understood the myriad of what’s going on in the South African political climate and explained to the audience the financial model break down within the country. The editors expanded on their loss of printed readership and they all stated that more and more people are using the digital platforms to access news. Although their readership is up the sale of printed media is considerably lower. Members keenly asked questions regarding the media and publications of late especially surrounding the political climate and the impact this could have on the country’s economic standing and their opinions on the future of South Africa. Overall, the event was well received and the speakers touched on areas that struck a chord amongst all members and the speakers alike, covering topics of great interest and passion.


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